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Nightcap is a decaffeinated blend of Colombian coffees that produces a well-rounded cup, with a light to medium mouthfeel and soft cocoa notes complemented by brown sugar and nutty hints.


Why the hate for decaf? In the words of a good man, “decaf drinkers are the purest coffee drinkers, they drink only for the flavour”. With those words in mind, we created Nightcap, so elite coffee drinkers could have a brew at any hour without sacrificing quality of sleep or taste. It is born through the Mountain Water Process, a method of indirect decaffeination taking place at Descamex, which uses pure water from Pico de Orizaba—the highest mountain in Mexico. A chemical analysis determines optimal conditions, and then the beans are steamed and prepared for extraction. The extraction process uses a water-based saturated solution that removes the caffeine while keeping the coffee's flavour compounds in place. Proper coffee. Proper sleep.


Satisfying as a midnight V60, it also works for any brew method.


  • Excelso MWP, Colombia.


  • Mountain Water Decaffeination.
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