We are a speciality micro coffee roasting company situated in Haddenham, Buckinghamshire.

Passionate about all things coffee - we started our journey in 2015 selling coffees at markets in London. Our business enjoyed modest growth and we were able to engage a national company to contract roast our beans for us.

Not completely satisfied with the level of control we had over development of our roasts and the inability to sell our coffees as truly part of our story, we decided to take the leap and open our own roastery.

This is us....

For many, coffee is the manner
in which daily life is expressed. At Mode, we believe in coffee done properly, however you make it. And fundamental to tasty coffee at home is, well, the
coffee. The best gear can get the most out of a coffee bean, but the best of an inferior bean won’t be all that impressive.

We are dead set on bringing you coffee that you’ll love. Our blends and single-origins will brighten mornings and have your friends coming round for more (if you really want to share). We aim to offer something for all tastes, from nutty blends to fruity high-grown varieties, and often with something new in the pipeline. We want to enhance your daily ritual, whatever your preference, however you brew.

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A note on brewing method: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and flavour is in their tastebuds. Rather than
insisting that a certain coffee is only fit for one brewing method, we understand that personal preference is paramount when it comes to coffee. One person’s filter is another’s spro. We might recommend approaches
where we have found that something works really well. But it’s not gospel. You are the drinkers. What’s your Mode?