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A more classic profile. Gourmet, Yellow Bourbon, Mundo Novo and Catuaí varieties combine to create a very drinkable cup. Roasted a touch darker than our other offerings, the result reminds us of cocoa, hazelnut and caramel. Perfect for lovers of more “traditional” coffee, just without any ashy bitterness.


Brazilian coffee can sometimes get a bad rap for not being “adventurous” enough. Familiarity isn’t always a bad thing, though. Many of our customers want a coffee with a nutty taste and a choccy body. This blend is an ode to them.


Seriously good in milky drinks to cut through with a big flavour, and non-paper filter methods to enhance that thick body.


  • Ipanema Estate, Brazil.
  • Santos Stockler Sweet Cup, Brazil.


  • Natural, Pulped Natural.
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